humaniod form

from a sketchbook just after right out of high-school I found. I just tweaked it a little in photo-shop.


female nude

Pencil. physiologically impossible.

sketch of a mans face

Pencil. If I recall correctly this was a man I saw at an airport.

male nude sans arms

pencil & white pencil on grey paper.

Grim Co. Faucets

two tiny angels

I found these sketches from a tiny notepad taped to pages in a sketchbook. I really like them but don't know why.

Drunk Jeff ?

Pen & Ink. I was really into Al Columbia at the time. ( and still am )

Victorian Dandy

Imaginary portrait of Oscar Wilde

I love foppish Victorian dandies. Especially extremely witty homosexual ones.

female nude


Her legs look stumpy to me.

man with enormous head staring into the abyss

This is how I feel when I wake up at 4.a.m. and think about being dead and the millions of years that will go by as the universe keeps expanding until all matter and energy ceases to exist and time comes to a standstill.

miserable businessman

There is some sort of state of the human condition that I think I've captured here but I'm not sure what. The grim acceptance of one's own self-defeat ? there is a Reagan era Nagelness here that seems to be not working quite right.

Depressed Pirate Captian

He is a haunted and bitter man. This man of the sea.


who doesn't love pirates ? except of course the hundreds of innocent seafarers they tortured, raped, and murdered. those scurvy dogs.


pencil on paper. I really like this drawing.

slim nosferatu

Pen & Ink on Paper. I am a huge fan of the original Nosferatu movie.

hunchbacked nosferatu

Pen & Ink on paper. I wish I had included legs.