four creeps

image removed

frank the depressed

2006 ? photoshop. frank looks depressed here.


photoshop. 2006 ? sort of half finished. i think i gave up.


photoshop. 2006 ? how could those villagers hate you so ? i love you frank.

Dracula the lame

photo-shop sketch.
also probably 2006 or so. from the vast library of half done doodles on my PC at work.

Johnny Skull Face the Murdurer

Photo-shop sketch.
this is probably a couple years old actually. there is tons of this on my PC at work.
another LAV sketched lately. some multiply layers added and erased to add a little depth.
I've been half assed pitching a game called "Sky Bandits" for years now. I'd like to fully ass pitch it in the coming year. this is a rather ridiculous flying vehicle that say, someone named Rear Admiral Xavier Von Gloombladder might command as a flagship.

The Scarlet Thrush


I'd like to start drawing and sketching more again. this is a good trick to make me get back to the old sketchbook