that shall not be named

this drawing bears no resemblance to any persons living or gothic.

Male Nude in pyschedelic landscape III

male figure

Three guys & Moonhead

three heads that are narrow

giesha and clown

Do you have FTP ?

Back tattoo of awesomeness

I think this looks boring scanned. Its kind of interesting on paper. Sort of.

girls and devils

While a wholly unremarkable drawing. The insight to the male mind is worth noting.

half assed

a scan of a page of faces sketched during a meeting.

death, chick, guy with bricks, and squid

five small sketches I put all on one page for some reason. I question this decision now.


I don't know whats going on here. some chuthulian imagery, skulls, etc. this feels like a boring meeting where I must have let my mind wander.

cock and balls monster

I sit in a lot of meetings. During that horrible period where "other people talk" I usually sketch something. this is of course, the culmination of hundreds of drawings of cocks that I have made. enjoy.

the Chart

Years ago, my fried Paul O'Connor and I created this handy chart to understand how come some people, no matter how obnoxious they are, are rarely fired.( myself for example ), and conversly, people whom seem to have literaly no use what so ever, are also rarely let go.

Hence this chart was born.

There are some interesting factors to take into account after using the chart for a number of years.

Almost everyone below a 3 obnoxiousness rating is rarely promoted. no matter how useful.

Rarely does anyone below a 3 usefulness survive budget cuts.

Most people absolutely hate this chart. Merely mentioning it makes your obnoxiousness rating go up 1 point.

I've created this at print out size for ease of use.