clown mouth doorway

circa 1995. possibly done in photo shop. I believe this is actually a scan of a printout. This was a sketch for a "Dark Carnival" game I was pitching at P.F. Magic. very derivative.

Aqua-Boy. Homage to David Gustlin.

Circa 2002. Photo shop sketch . Probably from a sketch forum contest. This is also an homage to David Gustlin.

Male skeleton with suit

Circa 2002 ? I am really not sure. I hate this drawing. If I recall correctly this was another sketch forum from the topic "death".

A fat man

an Orc.

Study of horse and man based on St. George & the Dragon

Udo. a study of the head of famous german actor Udo Kier.

this is a somewhat ill executed sketch of the film and television actor Udo Kier. one of my favorite actors. I don't think I captured anything remotely resembling him, but I feel it conveys the appropriate spirit.

rupurt, a sad tale part IV.

rupurt, a sad tale. part III

rupurt, a sad tale. part II

rupurt, a sad tale. part I

man clinging to woman in endless cold universe

figure in shower

figure seated in kitchen near phone

self portrait X

a dracula

self portrait 1999

sketch of head