Man with extended worm like neck

I really don't know how to explain this.

crow man

p-shop. head of crow, body of man. hard drive purge.

cat boy

obviously very "where the wild things are".

evil head

I think this was a sketch of a "mastermind evil genius" for another game idea. the liquid is gin by the way.

Victorian bird woman

Photo-shop. I really can't explain this. except that its a five legged bird creature with no wings dressed as queen Victoria. I think.

monster target

This is actually for a game pitch. I don't know if it was used. The idea was that you would make monsters "happy" by abusing them.

hello kitty/intestinal parasite !

withered man boy makes friend, and or throws up parasite that is cute as a button !

unpleasant tree

sketch of a rather unpleasant tree menacing "little red riding hood".
photo-shop only.


sketch made in meeting today. "colored" with Ryans distinct palate in P-shop.